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Uncovering Hidden Gems: Exploring Sivota with Filakas Boats

Welcome to the Filakas Boats Blog!

Today we will take you on a journey to a world of enchanting beaches and secret places located in Sivota.

If you are a lover of adventure and isolation, then this article is for you! 

a couple renting a boat from Filakas Boats Sivota and exploring the area!
Speed Boat Sivota

Heading #1: The Beaches You All Need To Know

Heading #2: The Secret Gems You Should Discover

Heading #3: Feel The Power of Exploration and Relaxation with One of Our Boats


Heading #1 The Beaches You All Need To Know

1. Bela Vraka: A paradise hidden in the heart of Sivota. Bela Vrakas beach offers you a combination of sand and rocks, while the turquoise water invites you to explore it. Enjoy the peace and seclusion that this beach offers.

2. Blue Lagoon: A hidden treasure of Sivota, Piscina Beach is known for its clear blue waters and the impressive natural pool formed between the rocks. Enjoy your swim in this unique natural environment.

3. Diapori: A beach that combines the wild beauty of nature with the serenity of the Ionian Sea. In Diapori, you will discover a small paradise with crystal-clear waters and pine forests. Enjoy the sun and sea at this remote beach.

4. Plakes: A sand and pebble beach, Plakes is one of the best destinations for those looking for peace and relaxation. Enjoy the amazing view of the Ionian Sea and relax in the embrace of nature.

Heading #2: The Secret Gems You Should Discover

But that's not the end of the adventure!

There are also secret places that you can explore with a Filakas boat.

1. The Lighthouse on Black Mountain: Board a Filakas boat and discover the magical lighthouse on Black Mountain. Enjoy the incredible view from the top and indulge in the beauty of the landscape.

2. Zeri's house: One of the most mysterious places in Sivota, Zeri's house is an abandoned building that will enchant you with its history. Visit this mysterious place and discover its secrets.

3. Prapa-mali: The clay beach also known as Prapamali is a paradise for nature lovers. Enjoy the calm atmosphere and the amazing view of the blue sea.

Heading #3: Feel The Power of Exploration and Relaxation with One of Our Boats

These are just some of the enchanting places you can explore on a Filakas boat.

Discover the beauty of Sivota and experience an unforgettable adventure with our help.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Filakas Boats family and helping you live the ultimate experience in Sivota!

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